Bright Little Labs

Closed. We are no longer accepting applications for this role.

About us

✋🏽 HELLO ✋🏽Bright Little Labs is a kids' media company. We make kids’ books, games, and products that promote critical thinking, computer science and equality. We launched on Kickstarter in 2015, and partnered with Warner Media in 2018, but we’re still a tiny company.

We’re passionate about the power of storytelling and value diverse identities and experiences, and we’re proud to bring a different sort of story to kids all over the world.

Our flagship story is about Agent Asha and the Children’s Spy Agency. Agent Asha is about 11-year-old Asha Joshi, a coder and secret agent for the Children's Spy Agency.

Agent Asha teaches kids how the internet works and secretly covers all the computing concepts from KS1 and KS2 (more here). We have built an immersive spy world around Agent Asha, including activity packs, apps and a CSA website so that kids can join the CSA and carry out their own top-secret missions.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Our character - Agent Asha - is a third-generation British Indian girl from Wembley, London. We want to work with people who believe in authentic character creation and we’re actively looking to work with people with lived experience of our characters and her family.

The Role: Freelance Designer

We’re looking to build our freelance pool of designers and illustrators. As a creative company we have a broad range of creative work to get stuck into, from preparing new paper-based products, to teacher handouts, to social media assets, to mood boards and sketches for new ideas, to storyboards, character designs… everything!

Key Dates:

  1. Apply and tell us why you’d like to work with BLL. Submission deadline 11pm BST Sunday 17th October
  2. Complete this 2 min form and tell us what creative tasks you most like to work on
  3. ​​Stage one - zoom interviews will take place between: 19th - 20th October
  4. Stage two - short design task will take place between: 21st - 27th October
  5. Final decision made on: 29th October