We need a forward-thinking Transmedia Producer 😍✨

About us

Bright Little Labs is building a kids’ media giant for the 21st Century. We make all sorts of kids’ stuff which promotes critical thinking, computer science, equality - and diverse identities and experiences. Our flagship story is about Detective Dot - an 11-year-old coder who is on a dangerous mission from the CIA (Children’s Intelligence Agency). Kids can join the CIA and carry out personalised activities on and offline. We’re on our way to publishing more books, mobile games and expanding our digital platform. We also just partnered with Turner (who own Cartoon Network!) so we’re making cartoons and games too.

We need a Transmedia Producer to oversee the creative direction of our products across our multiple platforms, including but not limited to television, games, new media and books. If you believe wholeheartedly in the power of stories and toilet humour to inspire the next generation, get in touch.

What we’re looking for

We need a Transmedia Producer to lead the development of innovative and imaginative kids’ content. You will be responsible for the delivery of content across our products, specifically in charge of the creative and technical execution of what we make. In an evolving media landscape, we want a forward-thinking and ambitious Transmedia Producer, who ensures our company delivers pioneering multi-platform storytelling.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Our character - Detective Dot - is a third-generation British Indian girl. We want to work with people who believe in authentic character creation and we’re actively looking to work with people with lived experience of our characters and her family.

THIS IS ALSO IMPORTANT: We’re now hiring a creative team to help turn Dot into games and cartoons. We’re actively looking to work with people who have lived experience of our character's culture, and her family life. We value merit, initiative and values over qualifications or industry experience. All of our roles (designers, producers, animators, illustrators etc.) are here. Please share or apply, and help us to create something amazing.

You will:

  • Manage creative content production, exercising top, top creative and business judgment
  • Create processes to ensure the delivery of quality content
  • Build projects from the ground up - pitch, budget, schedule, manage, add magic
  • Build a network of amazing creatives, with a focus on diversity (identities and experiences)
  • Find people to conceptualise, produce and deliver a high volume of work
  • Act as a spokesperson for the company and the mission, building strong partnerships

About you

  • Your expertise and skills span platforms - e.g. animation, motion graphics, TV, digital media, graphic design, illustration and publishing
  • You understand the nuts, bolts and issues of production
  • You’ve got innovative ideas for navigating the changing media landscape
  • You understand industry regulations, protocols and markets
  • You bring understanding and genuine interest in children’s media and edutainment
  • You believe in the power of our mission

We offer

  • Impact - an awesome role helping to define the direction of Bright Little Labs at an early stage
  • Exposure - we're a high-ish profile project and we work with exciting people and partners
  • Flexibility - it’s a short term contract, with flexy hours. Remote working is possible too
  • Feel good factor - work on a project at the heart of equality, education and technology.
  • Fun - we’re building a top-secret spy agency. If we told you more, we’d have to kill you.

Remuneration is dependent on experience. Starting ASAP in our cosy office in Old Street.

P.S. We’re always looking for creative people who share our values and love of fart jokes. Are you/your mum a: Character Designer, Storyboard Artist. Animator? Or are you something else cool like a toy inventor? Some skills don’t fit neatly into roles, but - if you’d like to join us interactive fun things, please apply for our Head of TBC position and let us know what you can contribute.