Join our Character Committee 🚀

We need people who care about creating more cartoon characters who look like them

About us

Bright Little Labs is building a kids’ media giant for the 21st Century. We make all sorts of kids’ stuff which promotes critical thinking, computer science, equality - and diverse identities and experiences. Our flagship story is about Detective Dot - an 11-year-old coder who is on a dangerous mission from the CIA (Children’s Intelligence Agency). Kids can join the CIA and carry out personalised activities on and offline. We’re on our way to publishing more books, mobile games and expanding our digital platform. We also just partnered with Turner (who own Cartoon Network!) so we’re making cartoons and games too.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Our character - Detective Dot - is a third-generation British Indian girl. We want to work with people who believe in authentic character creation and we’re actively looking to work with people with lived experience of our characters and her family.

THIS IS ALSO IMPORTANT: If you’re amazing and have no formal experience, please apply! For this role particularly, we need mums, dads, aunties, uncles, grannies, grampies, teachers, students and teddy bears to let us know what they make of our stories. You only need to be reliable and have an opinion.

About you

As we're developing the world of Detective Dot, we want to make sure that we do the community we're representing justice. That's why we need your help!

To give you some background, Detective Dot is not only a member of the C.I.A (Children’s Intelligence Agency) but she’s also a British-Indian 11year-old girl living in Wembley with her parents and older sister. We want to make sure that Dot’s stories reflect the world she’s part of. This means including new gadgets and intriguing mysteries and ensuring her home life reflects the experience of many kids across the UK.

For this reason, we are looking for people from a South Asian background, in particular those from Punjab and Gujarati heritage and of Hindu faith to join our committee. This is really important, as we want to involve back from the very community we are representing.

We need help with these sorts of tasks

  • Meeting 4 times a year (once every three months) in London to ensure that Detective Dot and her family feel authentic to their culture and background. These will be paid sessions (including travel!). During these sessions, we will provide Gujarati translators.
  • Offer quick rounds of feedback on our latest stories, plotlines and characters (this list is not exhaustive!)
  • Brainstorming actionable points for improvement - if you think something is wrong with what we’re doing, help us come up with ways to make it better!

We offer

  • An awesome role helping to define the future of Bright Little Labs.
  • Exposure - we're a high-ish profile project, we work with exciting people, and you’re on our advisory board.
  • Flexible working arrangements - we’ll be hosting remote and in-person sessions.
  • Money - We pay more depending on how much you’re involved, but we need a minimum commitment of 4 sessions.
  • Feel good factor. You’ll be working on a project at the heart of equality, education and technology.
  • Fun - we’re building a top-secret spy agency. If we told you any more, we’d have to kill you.

How to apply

In your cover letter, please tell us in your own words why you want to join the group and why you’ll be a valuable member. The shorter the better - around 150 words or less.